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SPORT Photography



Sports photography started out as a hobby for me, but through years of hard work and dedication, I‘ve managed to make a successful career out of something I love. I’ve been passionate about sports ever since I was young, and I absolutely love the feeling of capturing the action as it happens. My goal is to try to grasp the atmosphere and emotion of the moment, and have that be reflected in the images I produce. Contact me today for more information.

Infrmatin fr Teams

for teams

if northern element photography is covering your team's tournament, we will be capturing every player from every team from every game throughout the entire tournament. 

rest assured each player will receive dozens of photos throughout the tournament.  

photos are uploaded to the online gallery here after each game. 

photos will remain online for at least 2 weeks following the tournament. 

full resolution digital photos are delivered upon purchase. easily large enough to print a full poster size of the image. 

customized physical player cards are available through the online gallery. 

no purchase necessary to have your team's action photos taken!

stop by at our booth located in the center of the lobby at every tournament to view photos, ask questions, or just say hi! 

If you have any questions about upcoming or past tournaments, please leave a message here

Informatin fr Tournamet Organizes

for tournament organizers

northern element photography would love to attend the tournament you are hosting!

it is an absolutely free service to bring in northern element as your professional tournament photographer.

we will capture action photos of every single game regardless of tournament size. it doesn't matter if its a 6 or 84 team tournament, we will capture it all!

benefits of having northern element professional sports photography at your tournament:

  • give your tournament a more professional and well organized feel.

  • gives teams added value attending the tournament.

  • lets parents be in the moment instead of trying to capture their own photos.

  • captures moments and memories the players will have forever.

  • instant entertainment attraction in your lobby. 

If you are hosting a tournament of any size of any sport, get in touch and we'll come cover your event with professional sports photography absolutely free! 

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