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 Wedding Photography 



Your wedding day is all about making memories - and I’m there to capture those special, personal moments, making sure everyone shines.  There is nothing I love more than capturing the special moments that you will cherish forever. This is what inspired me to become a dedicated Wedding Photographer.   Take a look through my site to get a sense of my style and how I can help you relive your special day again and again.

 Tessa & Lucas 


Rowan & Ryan 


& Pricing


Ceremony Package

$600 - 2 Hours


Wedding Party/Family Photos

Ceremony+  Package

$1200 - 4 Hours

Detail Images

Getting Ready Shots

First Look


Wedding Party/Family Photos


Cocktail Hour

***Most Popular***

Full Wedding Package

Starting at $1800

6-8 Hours

Detail Images

Getting Ready Shots

First Look


Wedding Party/Family Photos


Cocktail Hour


Reception (Dinner & Toasts)

First Dance

Cutting of the Cake

Bouquet Toss

Full Wedding+ Package

Starting at $2200

Full Wedding Package Plus:

Half-Day, Multi-Location Shoot

Creatively Staged Wedding Photos 

Why only use that dress once?

No-Rush, Stress-Free Wedding Photography Session

 Wedding Venues 

The Okanagan offers stunning locations to exchange wedding vows and celebrate significant moments.  Northern Element Photography has been working with venues across the Okanagan to help you make your special day as special as possible.


Experience in shooting at many of The Okanagan's picturesque ceremony and reception spaces, helps me  capture even more unique and creative photographs for your special day. If you're still looking for the perfect Okanagan venue, get in touch and I will gladly share any input I may have on wedding venue's.



Equipment Used 

We have all heard a horror story of how someone's wedding photos were ruined due to photographer error or faulty equipment. I take as many precautions as possible to ensure this DOES NOT HAPPEN.  


I believe it is necessary to prepare for anything, I carry 2 cameras on me at all times, and have a 3rd nearby on standby.  I have 8 batteries between my cameras, and enough storage on me to capture 100 more weddings.  My primary camera simultaneously  records to 2 SD cards at once for "just incase" a memory card malfunctions.  It may be overkill to some, but I wont take any chances on your special day. 

Secondary Camera(s):

Nikon D5300 - 24.1MP Dx

Nikon D3400 - 24.1MP Dx 

Secondary Lenses: 

Nikon 18-55mm VR f3.5-5.6G

Sigma Art 50mm Prime f1.8

Nikon 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6 vr

Primary Camera:

Sony A7iii - 24MP Fx

Primary Lenses:

SigmaArt 24-70mm f2.8 DG

Sigma 100-400mm f/5.0-6.3 DG